Application of Stainless Steel Cable Tie in Automobile Industry

stainless steel cable tie plays an important role in the automotive field, which is favored by the majority of automobile enterprises due to its reliable quality and excellent characteristics.

Application of stainless steel cable tie products in automobile industry:

1. insulation board of automobile exhaust pipe. Instead of the traditional welding method, the welded strip is used to avoid the phenomenon of stress breaking welding point caused by thermal expansion. The service life of the heat insulation plate is increased, and the reliability is improved. Simple installation reduces the cost of tail gas pipelines.

2. automobile drive shaft dust cover. The stainless steel band product has the advantages of no size limitation, and reduces the stock due to the different size for the production of the transmission shaft industry. Simple structure and high reliable strength provide good performance for the dust sheath of the drive shaft.

3. brake bus. The stainless steel band product ensures the reliability of the automobile brake busbar with its special coated stainless steel band. At the same time protect the bus surface is not damaged.

4. airbags. The reliability of airbag is ensured in the fixing of airbag.

5. used in the water inlet and outlet pipes and air pipes of automobiles, the stainless steel tie band ensures the sealing, safety and reliability of the pipeline with its good tightness.

Although it is a small part, but it is an important part, from which we can see the importance of stainless steel tie in the automotive sector is so important.



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