Stainless steel cablet tie material

Nylon cable tie, and also is made of plastic material, is commonly used in outdoor, life can have 1-2 years under normal temperature, but rapid aging, corrosion resistance is poor, tension can only be under 220 n, temperature, generally between 15-65 degrees below zero.

stainless steel cable tie, general material is made of 304 or 316). Basic normal temperature outdoor life for 5 to 10 years, more than quality assurance after life, it can also be binding guarantee stable performance of the object, just steel strip surface oxidation by the outside world, in the dark, dark spots. Strong resistance to corrosion, generally band tension of 700-1800n, temperature: --60 degrees -- 150 degrees.

For both tie on a scope is very broad, like cable tie has self-locking function, can be very easily tie fasteners, can be widely used in electronics, machinery, agriculture and other industries. The same stainless steel band is also available in a wide range of applications, such as automotive, industrial, telecommunication cables, etc. Their use is not to say what is better, but what is more appropriate.



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