Dos and Don'ts When Use of Stainless Steel Cable Tie

When we use stainless steel strapping bundled packaging, some places need attention, only pay attention to the details to avoid a lot of unnecessary

The trouble to avoid some accidents. So what should you pay attention to the bundling of stainless steel ties?

1, the general use of stainless steel pipe tie bundled bundles of delivery, each bundle should be the same lot (except as allowed by the technical conditions and approved)

The maximum weight is not big dry 5 tons. By mutual agreement, bundle weight can be increased, but also small package delivery. Large diameter 159 mm steel pipe and cross-section circumference

In 500 mm shaped steel pipe can be delivered in bulk.

2, stainless steel ties bundles of steel to be placed neat end, short steel pipe should be individually wrapped.

3, Each bundle of steel pipe or steel wire tied firmly. Steel pipe length of less than 3 meters at least tie 2, 3 meters less than 3, 5 meters bar 3, greater than

4,5 m less than 7 m tie 4, 7 m to 10 m tie 5, 10 m tie bar 6.

4, one end of each wire steel pipe, should be screwed fittings. The threads and machined surfaces of steel pipes and their joints must be coated with anti-rust oil or other anti-rust

Rust agent. The tube end and the nipple should be screwed on.

5, by the demand side requirements, both ends of steel pipe can be covered with plastic sleeve.

6, the demand side, steel inner and outer surfaces can be coated protective rust, to take into account easy to apply and easy to remove.

7, bundled packages in the form of circular, rectangular, frame-shaped hexagonal four.

8, high-quality products should be hexagonal packaging, steel banding firmly.



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